YouTube Yanks All Versions of 'Hide The Decline'

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By Elmer Beauregard

After being up for one day the new version of "Hide the Decline" hosted on The No Cap-and-Trade Coalition's channel was pulled by youTube, along with all the other copies of the original version of the video made by Minnesotans For Global Warming.

When you click on the movie to play it you get this message.

This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by JibJab Media Inc..

Picture 2.pngIt is true the original version did contain JibJab content, the claymation video with Michael Mann's head on it was made on JibJab's website. I also put a disclaimer at the beginning of the website that JibJab was not responsible for this content.

The new version "Hide The Decline II" did not, however, contain any JibJab content or the image of Michale Mann that was in dispute in the letter from Mann's attorney. So I'm wondering why it got yanked. I'm sure it was a little like playing Whack-A-Mole for youTube, everybody and their sister was uploading the original version to their youTube channel. Maybe in their zeal youTube inadvertently wiped out the new version.

Thumbnail image for Picture 1.pngIn the new version I shot all of the video and did all the animation myself. It's not nearly as good or as funny as the JibJab's, but I tried to eliminate any images that might be a point of contention. Even the name of the spinning newspaper, in the original it was the "The New York Times"(which did do A story on Climategate) in the new one its "The National Decliner".

Unless it's the whole idea of a dude chopping down a tree that JibJab is complaining about. Stay tuned.

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I doubt YouTube even looked at your video. Just a threatening letter from someone claiming to be a lawyer is enough to get it pulled.

YouTube is owned by Google...the same organization that buries Conservative websites in their search engine; linked the search term 'miserable failure' to the White House when George W. Bush was in office, then amazingly figured out how to fix it when Obama was inaugurated; censors billions of blogs, newspapers, webpages for the Chinese you really think that banning this video was an inadvertent mistake of some overzealous, low-level YouTube employee ?

It's evident that Google is comfortable with its role as a globalist, vectoralist corporate powerhouse and will work closely with political authorities to ensure the continued evolution of its capitalist power.

Do (k)no(w) evil. Google Deconstructed.

Both videos were funny and great choice of music. Once you hear it, you've got it! So, great job. I think the issues with media manipulation print or electronic just go hand in hand with what this video is all about. There are some very clever people in this world that feel entitled to manipulate information to support their so very smartest and rightest agenda. They have convinced themselves its OK to do this because they are smart and right. Everyone needs to step up and do what they can where they can to catch this and confront it. Thank you for your effort.

Thanks a lot for not giving in.
I agree totally in what Jane S (above) is saying.
We have to fight this in all legal ways possible..

Possibly a third video?? Now that would be funny!

Google was 5th highest contributor to Barry's campaign with $ 803,436 - right behind Microsoft

So far as I'm concerned "Hide the Decline" will become a classic concerning the AGW debate. The worst part of this is I find myself humming it when talking to those Flat Earth folks who think CO2 is a nasty gas.

Lets face it, its a war against freedom, liberty, and the right to breathe. They want to own it all online, and they want to tax your breath for $Trillions. they're not interested in fairness.

Yes the original Mann Video is in Russian Tube

Try your Lawyers there Fat Boy !

Follow the Dollar.... that was one of the best videos...... ratbags........

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