Copenhagen Opens With Very Slick Piece of Propaganda

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I have to say, I could't agree any more with your website's stated goal. It is incredibly stupid, and a complete waste of time, to politicize the weather....

So, why, oh delicious irony, why, are you doing just that with your ridiculous website?? It seems to me that those who want to stop global warming are the ones who actually want to stop politicizing the issue.

What ever happened to the concept of protecting innocent children from having the stuffing scared out of them for any reason, never mind the greed-head ends of power brokers and politicians with global domination on their minds.

This video is sick stuff, and no "reasonable" argument will make it other than sick. It needs to be fought on every level.

I'll be reposting this at Bread upon the Waters.

Thanks for the great work, Minnesotans!

What a bunch of blazing bull shoot.

Because the real science shows a pretty benign change over the next 100 years the misanthropic Malthusians and Luddites have to resort to what they always resort to - scary stories and exagerated numbers.

The planet was a tad warmer than now back at the Middle Ages Warm Period. Did the oceans rise and cover the land? Did great swaths of continents go arid? Did monster cyclones appear in great number?
No, of course not. Duh!

And for those of you who either flunked science or took underwater basket weaving instead, the temperature response to CO2 is pretty much inverse geometric. We're approaching the asymptote currently in that regard so we can pump billions of tons of CO2 and the effect will be negligible - except the trees will get bigger and greener.

It never ceases to amaze me just how far apart
the Liberals are from the rest of us. 31,000+
scientists can tell them they are wrong, but they
will side with the 2000+ who are on THEIR side.
This is why no liberals or global-warming activists
would ever click on a link like this:

They don't WANT to know the truth because they don't want to be WRONG.
They simply are incapable
of admitting that their view is wrong. I suspect
they are of the same sheep-like mindset that
followers of Jim Jones and others like him had
control over - which is why they are no longer
with us. Maybe that's good - the Law of Natural
Selection did it's job.

In a way, I feel sorry for them - but not sorry
enough to give in to this sham. Our kids will be
the ones who suffer most from this, because they
will bear the brunt of the costs via higher taxes.
Whatever happened to "do it for the children"?

I am still searching for which planet liberals live on.

This clip is just pathetic propaganda.

Imagine a scene in Copenhagen whereby the hypocritical conferees are actually confronted with the facts exposing the anthropogenic global warming/climate change/whatever-to-call-it-next myth. Their collective response? Fingers in ears, eyes closed, chanting, "Nah, nah, nah! I can't hear you!" I think it's time to change the global warming animal mascot from the polar bear to the ostrich.

For those who read at corporations that block youtube, here is a play by play description.

0:00 through 0:20

Children are playing in the commons area of what looks like soviet era concrete apartments. Their play is interrupted by rain.

0:20 through 0:51

Child without enough parental supervision is flipping through channels and comes across news reports and documentaries describing the environmental Armageddon being wrought by civilization.

0:51 through 1:11 Girl falls asleep, while pondering environmental Armageddon.

1:12 through 1:48 Girl wakes up in a desert. She has a scarf tied around her neck, which, despite its dangers, is in vogue among future Wikipedia editors. She climbs out of bed, to see a swing set squeaking as its unoccupied swings sway in the wind. The swing is squeaking because liberals don’t like WD40, a fossil fuel derivative, which liberals know to be evil.

1:49 through 2:40. An anthropogenic earthquake results in a crack in the earth. The girl runs with her teddy bear, as the anthropogenic crack grows, chasing her. She drops the teddy bear in the anthropogenic crack in the earth. She tries to save the teddy bear, which is white (polar bear), but cannot. Then anthropogenic storm clouds come, followed by an anthropogenic deluge of water and an ominous black anthropogenic tornado. The girl grasps a dead tree branch, but is nearly blown by hurricane force winds. She then wakes up screaming.

2:40 through 2:43 Girl tells her overweight father about her dream. Her scarf has been removed from her neck.

2:44 through 3:09: The father and daughter watch more AGW propaganda on the internet, including…

3:09 through 3:29 A young liberal girl on the internet makes a forceful speech against global warming. You can tell she is a liberal, because she identifies herself as a child, and talks about her children.

3:39 through 4:11 With permission of her father, girl climbs the stairs (no elevator) to the roof of her soviet style high density apartment complex (no safety rails on roof), and in a scene reminiscent of a taxi scene in The Fifth Element, she points a video camera at herself, and says, “Please help the world.” Other children are then shown, saying variants, like “Please help save the world.

4:11-413: The video closes with a network diagram in the shape of a globe, with the text “We have the power to save the world. Now.”

Humans are so powerful. It’s no wonder liberals don’t need God.

Question by Kevin, above: "It is incredibly stupid, and a complete waste of time, to politicize the weather....So, why, oh delicious irony, why, are you doing just that with your ridiculous website??"
Answer to Kevin, above: Because, Kevin, if a website like this was around in Goebbel's day, Hitler's atrocities may have never happened. Or might you actually be depending upon NBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN to unmask this massive fraud being foisted upon the masses?

Brilliant analysis, William Wallace. I recognized the Sovjet/Eastern European apartment colony. Missing were the endemic trash, the grafitti, and the canine droppings.

What we have here is cheap 50's sci-fi with better graphics.

My brother would appreciate this blog post. hah

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The whole Copenhagen was just crap to the leaders just to mislead the whole world and they are willing they are ready to restore the environment but its just a black mail

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