Al Gore Confronted On ClimateGate in Chicago

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Below is a note from one of the correspondants in the Cliamtegate emails
- Curt Covey - which can be found at the link below.

“The supposed scientific "consensus": Your correspondent seems unaware of the letter written by 61 Canadian and other scientists in climate and related fields to the Canadian Prime Minister. At the end of the attached commentary on Al Gore's recent attempt to rebut my articles on climate change in the Sunday Telegraph, beneath the references, I have appended the full text of the letter and the names, qualifications and then-current affiliations of all 61 scientists. Al gore and others tend to lean rather more heavily than is wise upon a single, rather bad one-page essay in Science for their contention that there is a scientific consensus to the effect that most of the warming in the past half-century was anthropogenic.”

Just can't take seriously a guy who denies greed is a factor in pushing the GW agenda, when firstly...he stands to be incredibly wealthy should cap and trade pass, secondly he flies around the world in a lear jet, gets carted around to his speaking engagments in SUV's and probably establishes a larger "Carbon footprint" in one day than a majority of people do in a year.

I was not a big fan of GW, the former President that is...but look at the URL...

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