The Mystery Of The "Hockey Stick" Chart Revealed

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By Elmer Beauregard

The infamous Hockey Stick Chart, although debunked by experts, keeps popping up like the "Whack-A-Gopher" game at the Minnesota State Fair. But hopefully now, armed with new information we can once and for all stick a fork that hockey stick.


A month ago while attending the Minnesota State Fair, I went to the Eco-Experience building which was quite interesting. Of course they had a big beautiful display about Global Warming and its "Impact" on Minnesota. They were saying things like our winters would be milder and Lake Superior would be 2 degrees warmer. Have you ever tried swimming in Lake Superior even in July? If it were 2 degrees warmer it would take you 15 minutes to die from Hypothermia instead of just 13. Hence, the name of our group.

As part of the exhibit they had this handout which, surprise, surprise, contained the "Hockey Stick" chart. Notice how the temperature is flat for hundreds of years than shoots up like the end of a hockey stick. This is supposed to create the narrative that the earth's temperature was constant for thousands of years until the industrial revolution which is causing the destruction of the earth.


This chart shows the difference between the "Instrumental Record" and the "Preinstrumental record", this is the first time I had seen this delineation.

I have often wondered how they can show a chart going back thousands of years before we had thermometers and weather stations. The problem with the Hockey stick chart is, only one person knew how the Preinstrumental data was gathered, its creator Michael Mann from Penn State University.

Phil Jones from the CRU in East Anglia made his own Hockey stick chart and he is the one who famously used the quote "Michael's trick to hide the decline". Some of his proxy data came from tree rings gathered by Keith Briffa and he wasn't showing his data until now.

It turns out the he was using tree ring data from the Yamal Peninsula in Siberia to come up with the Preinstrumental data. In order for the Preinstrumental or "proxy" data to be valid, it would have to show a sharp increase during the 20th century and match the instrumental data. Keith Briffa did find tree ring data that went up in the 20th century like the instrumental data, the problem is, he used a very small sampling of tree cores and only one core seems to be hockey stick shaped.


Briffa could have used a much larger set of tree ring data, gathered from 34 trees from a different area of the Yamal Penninula (chart shown below) which shows that the temperature remained flat throughout the 20th century, but this would have invalidated the whole hockey stick chart, making it more of a "Broom Stick" shape.

This Let's the Genie Out Of the Bottle

Not only does the larger data set invalidate the whole Hockey Stick Chart, it invalidates the whole global warming theory, because it shows that the instrumental record is flawed.

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If its wrong to chart the entire planet's temperature from just one tree, shouldn't it be just as bad to measure the the whole earth's CO2 levels from just one station?

And from the top of a volcano nonetheless?!!

There really should be a law against this sort of scientific/information scam.

The Goracle should be made to spend his own money going to every place he ever spoke and redacting all the lies and pointing out all the errors in his movie and presentation. So should anyone.

Then the press should be forced to do the same with any story they present that is found to be different than presented.

I am so tired of all the BS written large these days.

I do not believe in Man Made global warming and will fight it. But when writing an article get things right. Hypothermia kills people in cold water.

Thanks for the heads up.

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