It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like... Halloween?

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By Elmer Beauregard

Ever notice how every year they put the Christmas stuff out earlier and earlier?
Maybe retailers know something that we don't know. It's only October 12th here in Minnesota and it looks like Christmas outside. It hasn't even reached peak fall colors yet, some trees are still green and there is 3 inches of show on the ground.

Minnesotans For Global Warming Headquarters on October 12, 2009, next to unharvested soybean field.

Maybe God is trying to tell Al Gore something, who was in Wisconsin over the weekend.

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Is it my imagination or has the Argosy moved? Under it's own power?
That is one fine machine!


I bet you never imagined the "cash for clunkers" would have such a significant effect in such a short time, did ya?

We never keep the headquarters in one place too long. You know, keep them guessing.

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This guy is my rolemodel LOL!

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