The Problem With Ice Cores

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You should never assume anything, especially if you're a scientist. Kent Hovind shoots holes in the idea that ice rings are an annual occurrence. Just because tree rings are annual doesn't mean that ice core rings are.

IceCoreControl2.jpgIt would be easy to setup a control experiment to create a basis for more accurately reading ice core rings.

Simply put 10 markers on the surface of Greenland (or wherever) with a long pole next to each. For 10 consecutive years come back and drill an ice core to that marker to see what the rings look like.

If Kent is correct that 10th pole would need to be over 50 feet tall.

Why don't they give grants for this kind of an experiment?

If we are going to destroy our economy based on these ice cores shouldn't we know more about them?

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Good idea, but paint them white.

Then you wouldn't be able to find them. jk

Just a thought, the planes are dark and heavy, they would sink into the ice further each year.

The layers get thinner as the ice is compressed by the subsequent layers above them. One cubic foot of water weighs 64 pounds. 10,000 feet deep. Do the math.

You didn't watch the video did you, he compensates for that.

Careful Elmer, quoting creationists may bring excessive ridicule. Especially when they make sense.

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