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Where it all began.

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Just Testing out the Comment thingy.

Elmer, that is the worst Minnesota accent I have ever heard. Are you sure this shouldn't "Minnesotans from Appalachia for Global Warming"?

Did you never watch "Fargo"?

Thanks for taking the top out to write this nice topic.

Doesn't sound like he's from Minny at all, sounds more like the white trash in the south. Please, keep on thinking that our state is like the movie Fargo because it does a good job of keeping A-Holes out of this beautiful state. 612 represent.

I don't know what a minnesotan dialect sounds like, but back on topic I love the video :)

that was not a MN accent. The guy had to be a
wuss to shovel that small amount of snow and
complain about it. Besides, haven't you heard of
ice fishing? No, that is not fishing for ice.


Loved the video. Glad to see your doing your part. I'm doing my part by driving my Ford Excursion.

Keep up the good work.

Sounds like he comes from South Minnesota?!

This video is horrible. I'm jumping on the bandwagon that says this guys sounds like he's from Mississippi. If he hates the cold so much, why doesn't he just move back to the South? I can think of a dozen funnier ways to do a I-don't-understand-why-there-is-still-winter-if-global-warming-is-real video.

High quality info here! Keep up the great work. I love the feelings being expressed.

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