The Green Nazis: Environmentalism in the Third Reich


Thanks For All The Hits Rush!

Jurriaan Maessen, Infowars


The Nazis created nature preserves, championed sustainable forestry, curbed air pollution, and designed the autobahn highway network as a way of bringing Germans closer to nature.

It has been elaborately pointed out how the device of environmentalism is especially favoured by tyrants as a means of controlling their subjects. The current 'green' movement, as we know, is no exception. It has been nurtured from its very conception as a systematic eugenics operation by the deep pockets of the Rockefeller- and Ford Foundations. Throughout the 20th century there have been multiple examples of tyrants implementing a very strict environmental policy to which their subjects had to conform, sometimes through the collection of taxes, sometimes at the barrel of a gun; usually a subtle mixture of the two. It is a well documented though seldom highlighted fact that the Nazis were very much into environmentalism- not for environmentalism's sake of course, but rather as a means of oppression and control. As it turns out, environmentalism fits the form of tyranny like a well tailored suit.

Before Hitler became Reich Chancellor of Germany, the SA brown shirts had taken to the streets with torches and knuckle-dusters, beating National Socialism into the German system lest the people forget who would be running the show soon. But after his political ascension, Hitler had a once useful instrument on his hands which was no longer necessary and he now needed to discard. It soon became apparent that the methods of the SA were appalling to the average German citizen, even those who supported their Fuhrer and his continuing message of unity under a waving swastika. Romantic dwellers and the otherwise disillusioned were especially attracted to the Nazis, mistaking the Nazi ideology for patriotism, but the ongoing brutality of the brown shirts caused even the most blinded of adepts to raise their arm in protest (while exclaiming the Nazi greeting at the same time). Although the prevailing sentiment could be summed up by the naïve phrase 'The Fuhrer would not approve of this', in reality he had initially used the SA precisely for the thing they were best at: terror. Now reports reached his desk illustrating the discontent of the Germans in regards to these power tripping psychopaths roaming the streets with bulging fisheyes. On June 30th 1934, Hitler eliminated the top of the SA in the infamous night of the long knives. All the SA underlings were now brought under the control of the SS and Wehrmacht, to be added to the military for the upcoming war. Once Hitler consolidated his position and that of his party, the true face of Nazism had to be masked somewhat to appease the people who generally desired an age of peace instead of another disastrous World War. In the course of the 1930s Hitler chose to appear in costume rather than his favoured paramilitary outfit- which he had worn consistently throughout the previous decade.

In the spring of 1933, the existing trade unions (although no significant threat to the regime) were replaced by the so-called Deutsche Arbeitsfront, or German labour Front. From that moment on strikes of whatever kind were strictly forbidden and would be met with harsh repercussions wherever they sprung up. The workers had a new employer now, one that had set his sights on world domination. But in order to realise his grand scheme, it can be credited to the cunning of the dictator that he realised he could not submit the German people by terror alone. It was vital that they would learn to love their own enslavement. Hitler realised he would have to provide some compensation for the complete loss of personal freedom lest even the SS-terror should prove inadequate to repel some national uprising in defiance of the regime. Besides, he needed the Germans, fit and content, for the grand military expeditions he had planned for the very near future. How best to keep his subjects happy and energetic? First the massive unemployment suffered by Germany in the previous decade had to be eliminated. Building a massive nationwide network of roads were the answer, as well as the construction of an arms industry without precedent. A few years into Nazi Germany there indeed was enough work to go around- never mind the emergence of the many concentration camps around the country in which dissidents vanished never to return. The second way to ensure the compliance of the German people was the creation of a nice and relaxing environment for both work and leisure. As Hitler reasoned, lots of trees and wide-open spaces would take the minds of his subjects off the war he was preparing and the liberties they had lost along the way.

In the 2005 published book How Green were the Nazis?: Nature, Environment, and Nation in the Third Reich the authors explain the Nazis received a warm welcome by the existing environmental organisations as there was 'an ideological overlap between Nazi ideas and conservationist agendas'. As clearly illustrated by the current environmental groups, personal liberty is gladly sacrificed for what is called 'the greater good'. It is a well-known fact that most of the environmental fanatics care nothing for matters of liberty, gladly surrendering it to tyrants and their promises of 'environmental sustainability'. As the authors state: 'The Nazis created nature preserves, championed sustainable forestry, curbed air pollution, and designed the autobahn highway network as a way of bringing Germans closer to nature.' Several nationwide programs were initiated by the Nazis as a facade to cover their real plans. The first, 'Beauty of Labour', was created in 1934 to enhance the concept of a comfortable and pleasant workspace for the German worker. In the following year this ordinance was followed up by a 'Reich Nature Protection Law' to ensure the worker could walk through parks without worries. Also, laws were enacted to control air pollution. Besides of the fact that all political opponents were deported to concentration camps, it was green and happy days in Nazi-Germany.

But the hardcore environmentalists who had found their champion in the person of Adolf Hitler were soon to be disappointed. By the end of the 1930s, with a World War imminent, Hitler abandoned most of the environmental pretexts he had used to trick the masses, hook, line and sinker, replacing it with a war-ethos of sacrifice for the greater good and 'lebensraum'. If only a pretext, the entire environmental thing was an excellent beta test for measuring the tolerance of the Germans in regards to the propaganda efforts of Goebbels which had indeed proven to be extremely effective. Not long after, Germany was plunged into a war that finally led to her complete dismemberment.

It will not be necessary to further point out the many similarities to our own time, where any and every environmental 'good intention' is hijacked by the elite for the advancement of its own objectives. It is true; most environmentalists love collectivism and are prepared to marry almost every regime that claims to work for a clean and green environment. That makes this group extremely susceptible to the arguments of tyrants.


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The big similarity between the Nazis and the current cadre is their belief in the tenet of eugenics as practiced in abortions and euthanizing the less desirable. Under the govt. controlled health care seniors will become the
"less desirable" because it will not be cost effective to keep us alive and treated with expensive options. That will be a simple economic reality.

Welome, Brave New World.

I have worked in the environmental field representing private companies against USEPA or state regulators for the past 25 years. I can say with complete certainity that the is B.S. The people in the environmetal enforcement are normal people like you and me with families and in fact are very helpful to industries they have a problem that needs to be solved. Who ever put this togather has absolutely no knowledge in the area of environmental field.

And somewhere I heard the President is planning a "voluntary" program for children and youth, probably to pollute their impressionable minds with socialism and tyranny, making it sound like a good idea. Hitler's Youth, anyone? And the sad thing is that we forget history so easily, and we never learn.

This is scary stuff and I hope the american people wake up soon.And thank you Rush for being out there for us.

I realized Liberalism's NAZI roots when Ruth Bader Ginsberg clarified the use of abortions for lessening the "undesirable populations" this year. Though I had pulled away from the Left after Reagan, this comment sent a bolt through me.

You stupid ditto heads. The Nazis would skin you alive. All you people can do is yell at a townhall meeting. Why don't you people go over to Iraq or Afghanistan? Or do you people have a cyst up your ass like Limbaugh.

"Although the prevailing sentiment could be summed up by the naïve phrase 'The Fuhrer would not approve of this', in reality he had initially used the SA precisely for the thing they were best at: terror."

This reminds me of the speeches by Michelle before they put her under wraps stating "Barack will not allow you to do nothing".. we need to go back and relisten and read all that came before his presidency to know who these people really are..

I think this is a very dangerous way of thinking. Being friendly to the environment in no way makes us Nazis and to make that comparison I think dumbs down audiences.

I like to see opposition as opposed to one party ruling all, however, I think by doing articles like this, it negates intelligent conversation and real dialogue. Some people may read this article and be influenced, but I Feel most people would appreciate an intellectual argument on the cons of being environmentally safe and how some of it does seem to go overboard.

With all the similarities mentioned, what stands out most is how he needed to get the people to love him. Obama is trying to blend with masses as a loved man here and around the world. But because the Internet, cable news, radio talk shows and history. He has not been able to control how fast the information gets out nor has he even been able to control his own zealots who have been waiting for this moment in time to take over, that they can't their mouths shut. Thank God for the microwave mentality theses people have grown up with. Pat

And Hitler was a Vegan too!

Came here from Free Republic, by way of link to Rush, thence to here. In manipulating the public, one of the most effective techniques is to say you're for vaguely defined concepts like liberty, freedom, god, country, and lower taxes. These are concepts for which most people only have a bare framework plus a few unexamined "happy ideas" or "basic gripes" they've picked up from their neighbors. When you wish to sway them, first you tell them they're in danger, or their comforts will be taken away, and then you just make things up that they will nod their head about, gather them into a mob, and give them a chance to vent. Like right here, and Free Republic. Then everyone is an expert with a mob. Like Hitler, who Rush understands very very well. I suspect that Rush's nightstand has a permanent place for Mein Kampf.

Nice article. Puts a new slant on the US environmental movement. I would like to research it more. Is it possible to list some sources here?


Great argument. What does Iraq and Afghanistan have to do with this article about the Nazi's environmentalism? All we can do is yell at town hall meetings? Town hall meetings are where an average citizen can finally have an opportunity to voice his opposition to legislation that will affect his life. When the liberal congressmen and senators are trying to ram legislation down our throats, legislation that the majority of citizens don't won't, you are damn right we will yell in order to be heard. Didn't Hillary yell that she had a right to debate and disagree with any administration? Should we just sit back and watch our country be transformed into some ideologues idea of utopia? You are right, the Nazi's would have skinned me alive because I would have stood up and opposed them. You, being the coward that you are, would have willingly submitted to their tyranny if there was something in it for you. You would have been one of them. You are a moron.

Rush, and the Far-Out Right Wing,
only want freedom for themselves and their little clique of blissfully ignorant, war-happy, racist piglets. They are the true Nazis!
Pig out Rush!!! Thanksgiving is coming...

What you described fits Obama to a tee. Here are all the things Obama has said we are in danger of: not having affordable healthcare, causing catastrophic global climate change because of your lifestyle, killing the polar bears, unscrupulous bankers making you borrow more than you can pay, rich oil companies and speculators manipulating the fossil fuel markets, pediatricians pulling out your child's tonsils unnecessarily, rich republicans taking the food out of your baby's mouth, the economy collapsing if we don't bail out the banks and the auto industry, etc..., etc...
The difference between what Rush and Obama warns is that Rush is telling the truth. If government runs healthcare, we will loose our freedom and our quality of healthcare will diminish. None of what Obama says is true.
You can take your pseudo-intellectual B.S. and shove it!

Do you know who else was all about the environment? Theodore Roosevelt.

Congrats, this has to be the dumbest stretch I've ever seen.

Victoria, what freedoms are Rush and Republicans keeping anyone from having? Explain yourself, if that's possible. It's Obama that wan't to control you with this bogus healthcare "reform".
Are you saying that government provided healtcare is a freedom???? Anything that the government does for you requires you to give up a freedom.
Do you understand the word?
You do a great pig impression- almosty like it comes naturally.
Lastly, how is Rush the Nazi? Do you understand what the Nazis were? Rush supports Israel. Obama doesn't. Who is acting more like a Nazi?

I always find it amusing how the people who claim to be so sympathetic and tolerant are always the first to engage in name-calling. The Left is devoid of any true rationale. They ignore history and are so arrogant as to think that the only reason Socialism and Communism have failed is because it hasn't been tried by their new elite. Our colleges are filled with these pseudo-intellectuals who think they have some "special knowledge" that us peasants are too ignorant to grasp. There is a revolution coming, alright... just not the one they think.

Bite me, Himmler

Bite me, Himmler

Hi Mark,

Otherwise ordinary people administered the concentration camps, Inforced the anti Jew laws and spied on their neighbors too. Wake up and smell the coffee. We are living(re-living)in 1935.

Big John

What kind of moron would believe this BS?
Is there still anyone alive who takes Rush Limbaugh seriously? I seriously doubt that even he is dumb enough to believe this, or any of the ridiculous crap he spews on the radio.
We have ened the fascist regime of the Bush administration, and have this country back on track, and the whiny, America-hating ringwing lemmings can't deal with it.

Edward, the American people DID wake up. That is why Obama is now president.

Reagan and Bush were so much more like Hitler than Obama will ever be.

Jere, don't expect sources from nutjobs. They make this stuff up as they go along.

Bob, you are a feeble-minded fool. Obama is the one telling the truth. Rush wouldn't know the truth if it bit him in the ass. YOU are the moron.

I guess the rightwing Busheep liked being stripped of their civil liberties, and watching the nation's economy collapse, enjoyed watching our trrops die in a senseless war, didn't like having other countries respect us, and got a kick out of being lied to constantly by GW Bush.

This article espouses an idiotic train of thought. Hitler was religious as well, let us presume that religion and all religious people are evil, if we follow this twisted logic.

The idea is not to tag environmentalism with extremist Naziism. It is to point to the fact that political groups have often used scare tactics, whistle blowing, and "greater good" arguments to push their own political agenda. Hitler used Environmentalism as a tool to achieve his goal. I'm all about the environment, but not when it trumps technology for third world countries, or causing people to give to the government because they are being blamed for killing the environment. Anything, from religion to environmentalism to taxes, can be used to push a political agenda. The important thing is to see the man behind the curtain and ask what the agenda really is. Where is this all headed?

Mark, the point wasn't about folks who work in the environmental fields, but about environmentalists and the tool that is environmentalism. Just as a Republican is not always a conservative, so a person who works in a field related to the environment is not always an environmentalist.

Some of you need to calm down. The author is not calling all people who care about the environment Nazis. If you actually read the article with an open mind and tried to understand it instead of letting it enrage you, you would find that the author is pointing out that throughout history TYRANTS use environmentalism as a tool. TYRANTS. The leader. Not the people. Not the followers. THE TYRANTS. So don't pitch a hissy fit because you think the author is calling everyone who cares about the environment a Nazi. He's not. But I guess it is a little tough to see that with selective reading, eh?

Love how Libs always resort to name calling when they know they have no argument. Just like a child...."You're a poopy-head!"

If I was president you would be the first one to go


>>>And Hitler was a Vegan too!

Let me see if I can follow your misadventure in logic...

Hitler was a Nazi. Hitler was a Vegan. Therefore, all Vegans are Nazis?


Please go home and use a power drill on your skull to release all the evil spirits inhabiting your so-called brain. If you kill yourself in the process, I'll happily nominate you for this year's Darwin Awards.

Hitler was a vegetarian, not a vegan. He was not against "Jewish Capitalism", as Rush would have you believe, he was against Jews. And he was forthcoming about his plans to bring an end to the Jews, going so far as to include it in his platform while campaigning. Also, Hitler and the Nazis HATED socialists and communists. Even more than the Jews. So if you are going to compare today's American Democrats to the Nazis, you can't very well also compare them to Socialists and Communists.

If only Obama-washed idiots could understand that the comparison to Nazis starts with the phrase above:

"the device of environmentalism is especially favoured by tyrants as a means of controlling their subjects",

but they won't.

Do not waste your time and try to remake the Left - idiots always have been around, and not likely to disappear. Just see to it, that those poor souls who got misled by them, finally wake up.

The rest of the Left can pack up and go to Hell, with Obama personally leading the procession.

And the best illustration of similarities of Mr. Obama's administration to the rule of Nazis and to the rule of Communists - which are two faces of the same totalitarian coin - is the government openly (and I am sure, secretly too) calling on citizens to snitch on each other.

King Obama, upset by his glitches,
is inviting his rats and his snitches
to report each event
of intent to dissent.
Should we try and locate all these b#@$&%s?

(and 250+ more at


Strange that you would imply that republicans are war-mongers!

World War I - President Woodrow Wilson
World War II - President Roosevelt / Truman
Korea - President Truman
Vietnam - President Kennedy / Johnson
Kuwait/Iraq - President Bush (I)
Aspirin factory - President Clinton
Iraq/Afghanistan - President Bush (II) / Obama

There would seem to be a great preponderance of Democrats here wouldn't you agree.

You might want to go back to History 101 !!!

So this is what the Republic Party has descended into - howling about some weak parallel to environmentalism and Nazi Germany?

Well yeah, the worst president ever - that being of course Dubya - has brought the Republics to this frenetically screeching pit of political ooze.

Didn't Patrick Henry yell at a meeting in a Hall?

You have a eight-pound cyst between your ears.

Limbaugh, Levin, Hannity, Boortz--I've listened to them for years and they HAVE integrity. Why is it that almost zero people on the Left have none? In fact, cheating on taxes (refer to Obama's cabinet nominees)is rampant. Even having affairs, to Liberals, is a resume enhancer. So Conservative's credibility in getting things right is far greater than you or the smelly place you came from.

Now if YOU were genetically-altered at birth or before, then you probably think bad is good and wrong is right. In that case, maybe you should have been aborted. But since I don't believe in it, you get your chance at life like everyone else.

Oh yeah, here's a good one for you: "Darwinism will cause the Pro-Choice movement to become extinct." So your stupid ideas will stop with you, you cyst-head.

Oh yeah, Himmler, you ditz: About the town hall meetings? Who is it that always gets up in people's faces at public meetings? I attended a speach by Ronald Reagan after he left office, and he was a class act, and very polite. But of course, the freak-show Left just had to get up and interrupt his speech and hold up some hand-painted banner. And it's the Conservatives that are disruptive and yelling? You're a total idiot, a hypocrite, and a jackass. Your foul spirit should inhabit a swine so you could run down a hill and into the ocean to drown. (Read the New Testament if you can read at all.)

An anonymous proverb that sums up these comments very well:

The wise use reason, and pride gets offended by it.

Note how in this article environmentalists, not environmental workers, are the ones mentioned. Another thing: those who bash others opinions are NOT worthy of posting comments. This is coming from an outsider.

I have read this thing; it is an interesting article, and I do indeed see parallels to now and then. I have read many other articles, but I am not going to jump to conclusions based on what I have read - here or there. I just want those who are in charge of this country to bone up on the history books before things get ugly.

- Your friendly neighborhood Patriot.


Okay, Anonymous, I get your point; but when some idiots (like Himmler) bash Rush or other Conservatives ("cyst up your ass" comment), then I'm going to challenge their comments (and as a free bonus, put them in their place).

I believe in viewing things in a pragmatic way. I also look at things from a liberty/tyranny point of view, as in Mark Levin's Liberty and Tyranny book, which nails the whole debate exactly. Another good example of this debate comes from reading "Deep Economy" by Bill McKibben. this book talks about the "unsustainability" of population- and Capitalist-growth, and how all this has to be curbed. Funny how all this environmental concern conveniently goes hand-in-glove with tyranny and totalinarianism. Hence, the fodder of this Nazi environmentalist book.

The earth does not belong to us (humans), we belong to the earth!

It is likely that many of us have gone to Iraq and Afghanistan, you pus. And your comment seems to show a bit of veneration of the Nazis. You say that the Nazis would skin us alive, as if you would have been in the inner circle. But what use would you have been to Hitler. Too weak to fight, and too stupid to make any kind of real argument. How about just a little more respect, how about talking a little less flippantly about the people who have given their lives, (& limbs), for your stupid ass.

I found the article interesting in many ways but found the comments more enlightening.The left leaning comments were mostly childish name calling without substance. They missed the point. The article was a warning about government control. You should not believe that Al Gore, Pelosi and the like really believe in helping the environment? Their interest is in controlling the people. This is where the similarity is between Nazi and Liberalism. Their lifestyle speaks volumes. A person like Ed Begally Jr Is someone to believe as someone who cares about the environment because he lives it. I care about the Earth and our environment but I do not believe in global warming as put out by the politicians. We have little to do with global warming; the Sun is in charge of that. We are responsible for pollution and need to continue our efforts in that direction. That being said. The government is FORCING one kind of control or another on us in an effort to control us totally. What is wrong with freedom, why is the Left SO afraid of Freedom. Take all the corporate taxes away. The Fair Tax allows so much freedom that the politicians on both sides are afraid of it. The control would be in the people’s hands and we certainly can’t have that. We are too stupid to run our own lives. Opposition to the Health Plan,Yes, Of course it is another control mechanism and in its own calculations it would only help 4% get insurance that do not have it. It would be cheaper to buy them insurance than to implement this plan. It is all about CONTROL. Wake up you liberals and smell the manure.

I think we had better look at a bigger picture. It doesnt matter if you are reps. or dems. It doesnt matter if the president. is rep. or dem. The fact is, Americans have lost all our freedom. Slowly over the last decade or so, all of our rights have been eroded. We are now controlled by our government. The health care plan will pass because they have already decided it will. The controllers are taking control. All they have to do now is blow something up and declare marshall law. Then, we are at the mercy of the controlling elite. There are already many concentration camps built in this country. With bunk beds and large furnaces. Dont be surprised when they knock on your door at gunpoint and start dragging you out. Then lets see who yells, but I'm a democrat or a republican. It wont matter to them.

Response Anonymous 8/9/98 5:34pm
I completely agree. It scares the hell out of me. Both parties are involved and as I said it is about control, our freedom has been taken. We need to figure out how to fight back somehow for our childrens sake at least, I don't have that much time left. I would like them to know real freedom.

This article is right on. Everyday we see more and more people willingly giving up their freedoms over so-called environmental issues. It's easy to gain the support of the emotional with films of cute polar bears dying because like sheep they follow without questioning and drag the rest of us down with them. Doesn't it seem weird to any of you that the only solution the left can come up with for any crisis is to turn America into a 3rd World country?

Of course here we only have to worry about the Obama Youth Regiment and the New Black Panthers instead of the Brown Shirts.

Read Animal Farm, Atlas Shrugged and Helter Skelter and you'll learn enough to over power these power hungry socialists. Charles Manson is still a cult hero to the leftovers from the 60's and he had a plan that the Weather Underground adopted. Bill Ayers is way ahead of what Manson accomplished though.

Interesting that this comment should come from someone who has chosen to call himself "Himmler"!!

November, 2008, thousands of Americans were tricked into voting for a power-hungry and morally bankrupt man and his cronies. The 'professional' journalists were complicit all having suffered from BDS and abject hatred that American would have the audacity to finally put end end to a murdering tyrant like Saddam Hussein.

They all fully and blatantly backed the Kenyan Hussein for US President. He promised Hope and Change with no details. The GOP was subverted by the mysterious funding of McCain by an unknown California financier to help throw the election to the radical totalitarian left.

We now have the TOTUS calling out ACRON and SEIU in brown shirt fashion to silence the opposition. Comrade Pelosie calls us 'un-American' in her op-ed piece. They are drunk on power, audacious, arrogant and despise the average American. If you hunt, drink beer, do honest and real work, go to church or temple, then you are backwards. You are a racist. You are bitter and clinging to your guns a religion.

They are right - I am clinging to God - and getting more guns because without some immediate Divine intervention, the writing is on the wall: Mene Mene Tekel (Upharsin). God Forbid the Persians take us over - though it is what Arab/Muslim Baraq Hussein Obama has been trained and paid to do. If the statists continue to ignore us, We, The People - there will be a civil war. And unless quick, our enemies will devour us like Islamofascists did with four planes to the Twin Towers and part of the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001.

By the way, where was Baraq on September 11th? Just wondering . . . .

this is the kind of argument that makes republicans look stupid. just because Nazi's had a penchant for nature preserves, don't mean we shouldn't do it. may be we should abandon cars altogether and drive bullock carts. Because as you know the German engineering is the best when it comes to cars. or better still leave every bit of technology that Germans gave us, and then we can also forget that 85% of us here in America have German blood.

Boy do you miss the point. It is the use of the environment to control people stupid. Not that the environment is not important. What is being done now with the cap & trade crap, and other taxing ideas is purely for control of people. I still say Pelosi and Gore and Obama don't give a crap about the environment. If they did they would not do all the things they do themselves. And people do not contribute to global warming, only the Sun does that. Our job is to use what we have wisely. Not to be used as punishment of the people.

yeah Gore, Pelosi and commander-in chief Obama have nothing much to do than control you.
taxing ideas are a must to make people do what they don't want to do. people don't always make the right decisions in the name of freedom. of course they should have the freedom to do the wrong things but only if they are going to spend their own money or resources. but if you want to spend the future generations' resources then I say you have to be taxed. better still thrown in a jail so that you wont be able to spend your grand kids' resources. before you all get raged up over nothing, the last sentence was just a joke.

Perhaps they aren't going to Iraq is because the worst enemies of the USA are here in Washington.
Bin Laden and Saddam only dreamed of doing the damage that Pelosi and her white house puppet are doing.

And no, I'm not republican. I've voted against the two headed socialist republicrat party for over 20 years. Rush is right about this administration even if he is a shill for the republican party which is no better. We need a second party. The republicans made it clear soon after gaining control in 1994 that they are as crooked and evil as the anti-constitutional vermin they replaced. They lost power in 2008 because it became clear that the party had no intention of becoming any better when they nominated the useless author of the last amnesty bill, another crooked skirt chasing leftist fraud, McCain.

Perhaps the conservatives will now wake up and realize that a second party is necessary and either form one or join a minor party like the Libertarian party which was hijacked by former democrats when their party became so radical. It's still small enough to be taken back by conservatives, and unlike the others it has elected a few to national office.

Still, I wonder if Rush would support conservatives running against republicans. If you are reading this Rush, I'd appreciate an answer to that question. You have supported the likes of McCain, Dole, Bush and his lying daddy. Sure, they were better than their democrat opponents, but barely. My point is none of them were remotely conservative. Would you support a conservative running against a republican? In the past you haven't.

Tom Jefferson, you said "November, 2008, thousands of Americans were tricked into voting for a power-hungry and morally bankrupt man and his cronies."

You are right, obviously. But that also happened in 2004, 2000, 1996, 1992, and 1988. In fact it was millions who were tricked into voting for a power-hungry and morally bankrupt man and his cronies. Some voted for a republican crook and others voted for a democrat crook. Most voted for the lessor evil. In every case they got evil. Why is it that people voting repeatedly for evil are now complaining because we have evil?

I hate to say it, but we have what we deserve. The republicrats have offered nothing but two identical flavors of sewage and the American people have accepted the scam that it's the only choice we have. Most voters believe it's a two party system. Nobody takes offense at the "D"s and "R"s on the ballot, they don't recognize the FACT that it's an endorsement, an advertisement, on the ballots! If someone wanted to put "Sponsored by Bubba's Bait Shop" or "Endorsed by Dr. Bob's Penis Enlargement Clinic" next to their name on the ballot, it would be refused. But the republicans and Democrats get away with it. Why do you suppose a private club can do that? Political parties should have NO say so in ANY public matter, particularly elections. They can endorse whatever they choose. But we have allowed them to make the people think they are part of the system when they are not. There's no reason why anyone shouldn't be able to join both and vote in both of their primaries. If you are a member of the Rotary and the Shriners, and they decide to vote to endorse a candidate, there's no election official telling you that you can't vote in one club if you voted in another. It's not the government's business. The primaries should be left to the parties and use their own machines and money and personnel. The republicrats wouldn't want that though. Ask yourself why.

I keep hearing and reading all this stuff about Obama being a muslim nazi treehugger, and then the Rush Limbaugh TownHall Shootout Shoutouts.

I keep picturing Rush Limbaugh, stoned and stumbling, entering a Townhall meeting with a chainsaw and an attitude.

Wow Victoria, though you certainly have the right to voice your opinion (for now), that response had nothing to do with the topic at hand. It is quite hilarious to see the lefties squirm and try to change the subject when conservatives present factual information that conflicts with their pie in the sky ideals.

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