Three Below Honey

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Most excellent! Can't wait for the next parody. Though relocated to Michigan (coldest December, January, and February in decades), I still check into the website daily. Reminds me of life out in rural Montrose, MN.


Got another one coming this weekend although its not a parody and has nothing to do with global warming.

That's okay. I can wait a little while. You're already setting yourself up for your first "M4GW Greatest Hits", aren't you! This is the time of the year when the Iditarod Trail song takes up the attention of most of my auditory/cerebral senses anyway. Last time I checked, no global warming imperiling the Iditarod; 7 degrees in Wasilla as we speak.

Van Morrison's song doesn't hold a carbon candle to this song. You song has waaay more soul.

This is destined to be a classic. usual

This is soooo funny! And, wow, what a GREAT voice!
I can't wait for the next one, you guys are really good.

Living in Wisconsin, I know all about zero below weather. This hits all so close to home, and a nice touch with the piano on the sled...that's the same kinda thing my brothers do...after they get some antifreeze in their veins.

Love it, you guys are even more talented than I thought. This should be up on youtube! Keep warming Minnesota up a degree, with your songs.

We did have 2 below honey up but Van Morrison didn't like it so youTube took it down and threatened to take down our whole channel.

Three below is quite a bit different though, its got new words, well a new word, a new melody, new chord progession, I'm just not sure its different enough for Mr Morrison however.

I wish Al Gore would visit your website. He's too much of a chicken. Afraid of the heat. I hate him.

Wow, this just inspired me to limewire the original. Yours is a bit better though...

Van Morrison is an idiot. Once anything hits the 'Net, having it "removed" does not damned good whatsoever.

Either Van has been taking too many drugs - or not enough of the proper kind.

Hello there over in Minnesota,

Greetings from Norway!

We, the "Refutniks", are still a minority, the brainwashing in schools and media have been extensive for 10 years now.

But still, maybe the tide is turning, sloooowly. Keep it up!

All parody is exempt from copyright infringement law. There is no infringement with 'Two Below Honey' as such and therefore no issue with YouTube. It does not matter whether Mr. Morrison likes it or not.

What did JFK Jr. say when he reached the pearly gates?I hope I don't have to take an entrance exam

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